Takayuki Kawai (Jovi)

Takayuki Kawai (Jovi)

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Dental product planning, marketing, software design

Hello to all,

I’m Jovi

My history includes many experiences as a graphic designer, jewelry designer, vocational school teacher, and bartender.
I have always liked to create something by myself, so I used to look at hobby magazines from a young age. If I remember correctly, I saw a RolandDG 3D cutting machine (probably the first Modela) in one of those magazines. I remember being very surprised that there was a cool company in my hometown that could make such a machine. It was a long time after that, but I was able to join RolandDG, which was my long-cherished dream. At first, I only did design work, but now I am in charge of dental product planning, software design, and marketing.

This is my failure story. There was a time when I went on a business trip to a place that took more than 4 hours by train from the head office. I usually do not sleep on trains, but on this occasion, I was so tired that I dozed off. When I looked up, the train had arrived at the station I wanted to go to. I got off the train in a hurry. I was relieved that I had made it in time, but I could not find my cell phone in my pocket. Thinking I was on the train, I hurried back. At that moment, the door was closed. After that, I searched for the train but could not find it. I got off at the next station and returned to the destination station. I called the last station just in case there was no cell phone anywhere and was told there was one.
I went to the last station and returned. In the end, I couldn’t work that day. A very kind customer laughed and forgave me.
The next day, I worked many, many hours : )


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