Valeria Centorame

Valeria Centorame

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Global Marketing Manager

Hello everyone and nice to meet you digitally

I’m Valeria and I live in Italy.
So, something about me? I have been working at Roland DG for 7 years, first as a project manager and then as a marketing manager.
I am now 100% dedicated to DGSHAPE  a sector, and a Brand that I love.

Likewise, I live by the sea (which I love, especially in winter). I like listening to music (all genres and also classical music, I love Vivaldi), I play the guitar, I like writing, and I am a fan of anything digital : )

My marketing approach? Genchi Genbutsu. (go and see for yourself)

The famous story of Mr. Yokoya’s journey is not only an opportunity to get away from familiar approaches but also a way to get to know the market better. After all, the problem with data is that it is very useful for describing a situation but not so good at understanding how it could be. Intuition captures what has not yet been understood. At the time when Yokoya made his road trip, there was a common expression at Toyota, Genchi Genbutsu.
It means something like “go and see for yourself”.

This anecdote obviously doesn’t tell the life story of this creativity-lover, but it is an example of a certain approach to marketing. (my way). 

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