Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ly (Lisa)


Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ly (Lisa)

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SE Asia Manager
When did you start working for Roland DG? 

” Hi Ly, Are you interested getting the position with DGSHAPE?

Working with us, you’ll be able to reach your full potential.” – Rodolphe Saidnattar said to me when I left Viet Dang- a biggest dealer of DGSHAPE in Viet Nam in 2022 and at that time, I headed up Business & Marketing. Few months later, I joined DGSHAPE Team and had a chance to visited HQ in Japan in April, 2023. This’s an exciting team.

What roles did you play? 

I and my team support directly our reseller in SE Asia for many activities such as sales, marketing, technology, and training

Why do you like working in DGSHAPE?

Firstly, DGShape have many high quality products like DWX-50-51-52D… as I got experienced, so I so trust the company. Second, the way that we had co-operated in 5 years ago with DGSHAPE team when I was been your reseller. You’re so kindly and flexible than ever. And together, I believe that our team will get more achievements. Together is better

Write a funny anecdote about yourself 

The first time, when I visited HQ in Japan, I and Rodolphe Saidnattar (Rodi) woke up early at 6:30am and ran 5km to the beach in Minami, Hamamatsu. He told me that whenever he had chance to visit HQ in the beginning of the year, he always be there and threw stone into sea to make the dream comes true. So this time, we did it together cause we’re one team…After finishing, I realized that it’s too late and had an idea that we’ll take the bus. But he disagree and you knew, we keep ran 5km more to came back Hotel.. OMG, that’s amazing experienced than ever and many colleague was surprised when we told them this story : )

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