Robert Ollé Navarro

Robert Ollé Navarro

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Product & technical support Spain & Portugal


I’m Robert Ollé

I started working for DGSHAPE A Roland DG Company in September 2019.

I’m a Technician and I live in Spain. Furthermore, I love working for this company because it is a multinational. I have many colleagues all over the world and even though we are far apart, we have a great relationship. The combined experience of so many people helps me grow professionally, and I feel like I’m part of a family.

A funny anecdote:

One event I have a very fond memory of is a team-building event where we all met up in Italy. One of the challenges was a cocktail competition in which we were divided into mixed teams.

We worked together, had fun, and made great cocktails. And the competition “judge”, who in our case was our marketing manager, had to taste them all. She is always smiling, but that day she laughed even more than usual : ) : )

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