Jane Qi

Jane Qi

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Global Customer Service Specialist
When did you start working for DGSHAPE?

I worked at Roland DG(China) from 2012 to 2021, as a marketing manager and product manager for 3D and dental product. However, in September 2021, because my family decided to immigrate to Greece, I had no choice but to leave Roland DG I loved. Thanks DGSHAPE for giving me such an opportunity, I am fortunate to be back and started working for DGSHAPE Global from June, 2022.

What roles did you play?

Now I am working as a customer service specialist which is a member of the Customer Engagement Team for DGSHAPE Global. As DGSHAPE Marketing continues to improve brand presence and awareness for DGSHAPE products through website and social media platforms, a system is necessary to communicate with leads in a timely manner and manage the distribution of leads to global business units and resellers. My role in this position needs to be seen as helping through social media, making the commitment to respond and post to questions and debates. I believe it will be a very positive impact on our sales, giving confidence to the market.

Why do you like working in DGSHAPE?

The reason I like DGSHAPE the most is that it makes me feel like a big family with my colleagues, which can stimulate my work enthusiasm and potential. As a customer service specialist, I have full passion and when you helped someone out, that’s the best day ever!!!

Write a funny anecdote about yourself

When I worked at DG China as a marketing manager. Once we had a Sign Expo and a Dental exhibition at almost same period at different halls in the same exhibition center in Guangzhou. During the exhibition period, I went back and forth between the two exhibition halls, speaking totally different languages towards totally different race. I was surprised by the infinite possibilities that the human brain can switch in such a different way.

Mailto: jane.qi@dgshape.com


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