Luigi De Stefano

Luigi De Stefano

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Laboratorio Luigi De Stefano & C snc

“””Hello everyone

I am Luigi De Stefano, my laboratory has been active since 1985 in the pursuit of excellence in our field.

I met DGSHAPE years ago and it was love at first sight, I got my first 5-axis milling machine that works very well and with exceptional quality. The company has always been close to me, with advice, training, and after-sales service, both through direct contacts and through their partner retailers in the area. I have great esteem for this Brand, the multinational with a human face as they define themselves and as I like them.

The needs then, as we have grown in digital in my laboratory, have increased and so I have implemented in my equipment also a milling machine for metal of the My Evolution series. (Santa Barbara Dental) another excellent company with great production capabilities in precision mechanics. I learned with joy and satisfaction first from the web and then at Expodental Rimini, of the union made between DGSHAPE and Santa Barbara Dental. I know that the Brand will be able to convey this opportunity to other laboratories like mine at the European level. I feel like giving this advice to my colleagues, they are two types of machines that have their characteristics: the DWX DGSHAPE milling machines are simple, complete, and with an exceptional application production quality, excellent for zirconia and other materials, as well as the My Evolution Xplus and XFast for milling metal, a potential illumined.

I believe that this combination is something highly explosive! “”” 

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