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Michal Plocica

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Hi, my name is Michal Plocica.

I own and direct a dental office in Oensingen, Switzerland, and I also work in a second dental office in Zurich.

What benefits have you found as a dentist in using a digital workflow?I started my office in Oensingen in 2018, and since 2020, I have also offered my services to customers in Zurich. The distance was always a problem when I needed to manage logistics between the two places. Incorporating a digital workflow has made my working life much easier. I can make an impression and send it to my lab in Oensingen; alternatively, I can mill the implant crowns in Oensingen promptly and send them back faster to the office in Zurich. In my lab, I used to use only E-max because Zirconia products were too opaque when milled with a wet milling device, but when I started using the DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi, my material options were expanded to include translucent zirconia, acrylic resin, and wax.

I use software from my scanner provider, MEDIT. The STL design is then imported to the MillBox Software in my DGSHAPE milling machine. The most significant advantage is a “backup” system.

Do your dental patients benefit from your digital process?Yes, they do.

For example, if you notice a problem with the final restoration using the analog system, you usually need to restart the whole process from the beginning. It annoys the customer to pay with his time for your errors. Now, with my DWX, whenever something unexpected happens with a crown or bridge, I can mill a new copy in the blink of an eye!

Why did you choose DGSHAPE in your dental clinic? 

I am a newcomer to the DGSHAPE world. We met with DGSHAPE for the first time at the “DIGITAL Dentistry” conference held in Morocco in October 2023. I was fascinated by hearing  Dr. Paolo Avantaggiato discuss his DWX machine during his lecture. .

What benefits have you found in using DGSHAPE compared to other brands?

My machine arrived in January 2024, and my life as a dentist has vastly improved. With DGSHAPE’s open architecture, I finally have “software flexibility”! I can use whatever software I prefer to create crowns, large bridges, or even a whole denture, and my DWX-52DCi will mill it. In addition, I can use a wide range of materials, such as zirconia, Acryl, and wax. The flexibility is immense.

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