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Executive Dental

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Executive Dental di Valerio Antonio e Barbara Domenico S.n.c

A beautiful Digital story!

We met Antonio and Domenico at Expodental Rimini 2022, they stopped by the Booth to thank us, but we are the ones thanking them!
Thank you for joining our Crew and choosing us.
Antonio and Valerio have a beautiful dental lab: Executive Dental in Gravina di Puglia (IT) and they invested in one of our DWX-52DCi.

But let’s go step by step; here is the short interview in full.

How did you get to know our Brand? 

Antonio: “Initially, from the web, on Facebook in particular. DGSHAPE does a lot of communication, and on our part, we perceive not only the value of the Brand but also the value of a group.’ This, for us who are starting our digital journey, has significant value; we know that several people will take care of us. We then received many emails from you with interesting insights, participated in your live webinars, and met you at the fair several times alongside other Brands in the dental sector. What convinced us to rely on you? Definitely the strength of the Group.

When did you decide to digitize your laboratory, and why?

Valerio: “We started with a scanner and outsourcing our work to a milling center service. Gradually as we grew, we did the maths and realized that by investing in a milling machine, we would soon break even; plus, thanks to the tax incentives, we could proceed with much more conviction. It is not only an economic issue; for us, it was a real turning point with many benefits.” 

Domenico: We also chose the DWX-52DCi because the automatic disc changer (6 discs) allows us to schedule our work and run the milling machine at night. We have a lot more free time, a lot of flexibility in taking orders, and a considerable increase in our margins.”

How did you arrive at choosing your milling machine?

Domenico: “We’ve been following you on the web for a long time, and we saw an advertisement of yours on Facebook that suggested booking a ‘virtual demo.’ It seemed to say something about ‘stay at home and find out how to digitize your workshop; it can make your life and your work easier.’
I remember seeing an image of a couch : ) so I left my information on social to be contacted and have my virtual demo. There it was done via web and streaming videoconference. I was actually sitting on my couch at home, and we had the opportunity to ask many questions and get clarification regarding materials and much more. In the end, we decided to purchase a DWX-52DCi.

DWX-52DCìOut of curiosity: it was not lockdown period, so why did you choose a virtual demo and not a visit to one of our showrooms?

Antonio: “You know the value of time for us is very precious! We are our entrepreneurs, and if we have to spend maybe two days visiting a showroom and/or doing demos, we prefer and very much appreciate being able to do it online. Also, because there are so many brands, we would have spent enormous time making the various comparisons.

Above all, we met physical and constructive people (not robots or anything else) to whom we could ask questions and interact, and they were very professional. They introduced us to the company, then showed us the CAD software and your open system, and then milled via the web, showing us the showroom and the various opportunities and advising us the best option, based on our needs.

Now you stopped by the Booth, and we just opened your DGSHAPE Cloud account.

Antonio: “Yes, we stopped by to say thank you, we are so happy with the choice we made. We also wanted to thank you for the beautiful welcome email and the backpack you sent us. Now we will get another one. The DGSHAPE Cloud is very nice, a novel and excellent free tool for us customers”


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