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Alessandro e Daniele De Sole Dental Lab

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What kind of job role do you have, where, and for how long? How did you transition to digital?

Hello, I’m Daniele De Sole. I’m 23 years old, and I run a dental laboratory in Genoa with my father. My father established the laboratory in 1988, and I graduated from the Gaslini Meucci Odontotechnical School in 2020 after years of daily involvement in the laboratory.

The actual digitalization of our laboratory began in 2019 when we acquired our first scanner and, subsequently, the first DGSHAPE DWX-4 dental milling machine. This started a new perspective on our daily operations, prompting me to make the most of the software and the machine.

Could you tell us the advantages of dental cad/cam over analog systems?

I believe that the key advantages of CAD/CAM are precision and speed. The ability to achieve unprecedented precision while the milling machine is at work allows us to advance with other tasks simultaneously.

How did you first come into contact with DGSHAPE company?

I first got in touch with DGSHAPE in 2020 when I purchased the DWX-4. After researching the brand and receiving only positive feedback, I decided to rely on them.

What do you think are the advantages of DGSHAPE products?

I previously owned the DWX-4 and now own a DWX-53DC. The primary factor that led me to continue with DGSHAPE was their reliable team, always prompt and available to resolve any software or mechanical issues. Last week, I had the great opportunity to spend two days at the company, getting to know the crew and the entire DGSHAPE Italy team better.

I am confident they will continue to make significant strides, setting themselves apart from the competition.

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