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Odontologia Trincado


What kind of job role do you have, where, and for how long? How did you transition to digital?

Hello, I’m a dentist with 30 years of experience practicing in Santiago de Chile.

I transitioned to digital dentistry a decade ago, initially with an old milling machine. Unexpectedly, I’ve also established a small in-house digital lab in the last three years.

Could you tell us the advantages of dental cad/cam over analog systems?

As a dentist, the most critical aspect is having complete control over the final results.

Time savings are also crucial, particularly for my patients. Equally significant is the cost savings.

How did you first come into contact with DGSHAPE company?

I recently acquired a DWX52-DCi dental milling machine, and I’m very excited about the 5-axis technology.

What do you think are the advantages of DGSHAPE products?

I love the fact that DGSHAPE has an Open System. The system I used in the past from one of your competitors had many limitations also due to the closed system. Additionally, DGSHAPE spare parts are considerably much cheaper.


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