Umberto Picchio

Umberto Picchio

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Sales Manager Italy

Hi, I’m Umberto : )

Something about me: I set up my first business with an old SP-300 and a Metaza-70 and I spent all my time thinking of stuff to sell. In the beginning, I used an MPX-70 to engrave medals with military ranks and I sold them to a café that gave them away as awards to the people who drank or ate the most. I also sold T-shirts with print and cut graphics. I designed some quite fun graphics (like a VW van with Pacman graphics and an 80s joystick). Once at a truckers’ convention, I sold key rings with medals featuring personalized truck logo graphics and the slogan “only for a few”. Another idea were gadgets for women who went to the hairdresser.

I used to go to hairdressers and while they were cutting my hair I would suggest ideas for showcases they could put in their shop.

Every day I had to invent something different to make money. It was a fun and very stimulating time and great for gaining important sales experience. After that, on the 1st September 2008, I joined Roland as a warehouse assistant and I am very grateful to Massimo Esposito for teaching me the basics of how to behave in a company. Roland for me is not a company but a kind of “second-home” where I grew up and started using the indirect experience I had gained from my father. It really was an unforgettable time.

One funny anecdote: When I worked in the Digital Printing Help Desk together with Stevan and Emanuele, our boss set up a To-Do bulletin board where we noted down our activities.

We photoshopped together some rather not usual images as a joke and stuck them on the board and  one day when a customer was looking around, they noticed the bulletin board and said, “Oh, working for this company looks very interesting!!!” : )

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