Tomoki Inui

Tomoki Inui

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Global Marketing
When did you start working for Roland DG? 

I joined DGSHAPE a Roland DG Company in April 2022. I was so surprised when I found a Japanese enterprise (Roland DG) doing business worldwide and getting more than 90% of the sales from the non-Japanese market. Before starting working, I specialized in European history and literature in the early modern era, when the Western world started contacting dramatically with the Islamic, Asian, and American worlds and learning from the different cultures to reform themselves. Having studied the historical phenomena in this era, I learned the importance of internationality and open-mindedness for the Global World. That’s why I was really excited by the discovery of Roland DG and applied for a job there.

What roles did you play?

I played the role of planning new products for the first year and then changed my part in marketing. For global marketing, I’m creating a variety of content (web, brochure, social media, etc.), and recently I have focused on branding with new concept design.

Why do you like working in DGSHAPE?

I am happy to work with my international colleagues and partners for global customers, even if I’m in Japan. After the relaxation of controls for Covid-19, I could make my first business trip to a foreign country (Italy) and meet my foreign colleagues directly. It was one of the most excellent experiences in DGSHAPE.

Write a funny anecdote about you

One day, I met one of my colleagues after a week. His hairstyle has wholly changed by special cutting and techniques; it was like dreadlocks. It looked cool. But we saw the photo of his hair after shampooing hair wax. It was terrible, and we described it by “Atama ga bakuhatsu shiteiru” in Japanese, which means “Your hair is erupting like a volcano.” Since then, we remembered something funny whenever we met him.

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