Sergio De Angelis

Sergio De Angelis

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I began working for Roland DG in June 1990 after other experiences in the world of CAD/CAM. I have worked as a 3D technician, a Cad/Cam demonstrator, a salesman, head of the Milan branch, the Roland DG  sales agent for Northern Italy for 11 years, head of 3D, and many other roles too. I have developed projects that have changed my life and Roland’s life too, I hope.

I have been given the opportunity to develop unique projects, often ones that have been complex and difficult. After 30 years of making positive experiments and learning from failures, I can say that I have understood what I need to do to move forward, instead of just waiting passively.

A funny anecdote? The most amusing experience I have had is certainly when we took a bath in a Japanese onsen in winter with my boss at the time, who was an Italian colleague. To overcome the general embarrassment, he stripped off first and then invited the rest of the group to follow.

Another funny scene was when our Japanese colleagues invited us to present their rhinestone project at the Berlin fair. It was so successful that a German girl asked my colleague to make her a T-shirt with her rhinestone tattoo, and when it was ready the girl stripped off right then and there, in the middle of the stand, to try it on! 🙂

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