Peter Kettle

Peter Kettle

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Head of Product Management

Hi, I’m Peter,

I joined Roland DG in 2002, and before that, I worked for a dealer.

I joined as Product Manager for 3D products. As most people at DGB (UK) did not understand the engravers and mills, I soon became the Sales and Product Manager.

As Head of Business Development, I had added responsibility for the UV print products. However, as the dental business started to grow across the globe, I needed to focus on developing the market in the UK, and this has been my most enjoyable and challenging time.

DGSHAPE reminds me of the spirit of the early international Roland DG meetings. At that time, we felt like pioneers, growing our market presence in so many industries. I may not be young, but DGSHAPE is, and it is agile, optimistic, and growing. We have a bright future ahead of us, and we can all take pride in the part we play in its success. Work hard, play hard has always been the way.

A funny anecdote?

During the 2008 economic crisis, we decided our staff Christmas party would be one to remember. Many things which happened at the party certainly could not be repeated now, but what I can tell you is that a Japanese colleague was very surprised to find out that when he called me on the phone, I was in a shop, trying on a lady’s dress and wig. Thankfully, most of the photos have been lost… : )

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