Patrice Denonfoux

Patrice Denonfoux

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Head of Sales Mature Markets

Hello, nice to meet you all!

I’m Patrice, I live in France and I travel a lot.

I started working at Roland DG on the 1st Nov 2000 as a 3D product specialist. I then worked my way up to become the French office manager and sales manager (including colour and 3D products). In 2017, I moved to DGSHAPE exclusively as HEAD of DGSHAPE for the Central Europe business unit. In 2021, I will become Head of Sales EMEA mature markets.

I like working with DGSHAPE as there are always new challenges and targets to achieve with a top team of people that are always motivated and ready to go for any goal.

One funny anecdote was at the beginning of my career. At the time I was working at the DME business unit in Italy, but I didn’t speak Italian.

Most of the meetings were in Italian, but the president of DME at the time, translated certain things, so I could understand. The problem was that everyone – being Italian – spoke for quite a long time, but I got just a few seconds’ translation in English. So, it was quite hard to understand : )

Fortunately, after several months, or years rather, as Italian and French are fairly similar, I began to understand Italian better, and now I can speak it quite well too.

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