Medical and Scientific Observatory: interview with Stefania Cimino

Medical and Scientific Observatory: interview with Stefania Cimino

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CEO and President of Roland DG Mid Europe

Medical and Scientific Observatory

November 2021 – Page 30_ Innovation

Digitalisation, embracing technology and flexibility

Innovation in the dental sector as described by Stefania Cimino who, through her own experience in the field, describes the new technological frontier and current possibilities for solutions in dental processes.

“Our target market is undergoing a phase of great evolution and development focusing on the digitalization of dental technology and dental production processes”.

Stefania Cimino, CEO and president of Roland DG Mid Europe, as well as general manager of DGSHAPE EMEA, explains how the Japanese company is committed to the research of digitization models that combine professionalism and manual skills with the need for innovation through digital workflows. “It is a very interesting phase,” says Cimino, “in which the interactions between the different players are extremely important in terms of sector, size, speed of development, and innovation. In the Roland Group, we have always accompanied our customers during this process, and with the DGSHAPE division, which was created specifically for the dental market, we want to facilitate the spread of digitalization models in this exceptional sector“. For the director of Roland DG, the company’s identity is based on innovation “and on a specific mission,” adds Cimino: “to provide our customers with accessible, technological tools that respect their know-how and experience. After the digitalization of music and large-format digital printing, with the DGSHAPE division, the company continues its mission by bringing valuable innovation to the world of dentistry through solutions that aim to digitally integrate the process of making dental prostheses in dental laboratories and through digital solutions in clinics. Our claim ‘Together is Better’ embodies the company’s project: to be a bridge between these two major players in the dental sector in order to maximize their added value.

One of the elements emphasized by Cimino is how easy it is to use these tools.  “The customer, always placed at the center – explains the manager – finds in DGSHAPE a partner capable of providing a high level of quality but also, and above all, a level of flexibility that makes our technologies extremely interesting because they are easy to use.  The support provided by the company, which is based on the concept of proximity to the customer, is another element of competitive advantage in which the company invests heavily. Our young, digitally native team, with their great passion, energy, and their high level of expertise, together with our partners and experts, are at the forefront every day, always putting the customer first, as ambassadors of our valuable proposal for dental technicians and clinics.”

Next, let’s look at the products in detail.

With the DWX dental milling machine series, we have quickly established a presence in the market,” says Cimino.

“In addition to their affordability, the devices are appreciated by dental technicians all over the world for their compact size, their ease of use, and for the open architecture system, which allows them to work with any other products already in the lab’s possession: 3D scanners, computers, CAD and CAM software on the market. Cad/Cam refers to software for designing and milling dental prostheses.  Cad (Computer-Aided Design) includes the digitization and design of prostheses, while Cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is the process of sending final models to the output device that is produced through milling or 3D printing.  DGSHAPE peripherals are specifically designed to fit seamlessly into this digital workflow, with open systems. To digitize a laboratory, you start with the scanning software, equipping yourself with a scanner. In order to provide, therefore, a complete solution, we have tested and chosen the best brands on the market and produced applications, processes, and solutions related to Cad, to make it possible to design for every specific patient request and meet the needs of laboratories, small, medium and large dental clinics. We are then able to advise on workflow and provide specific training through our Academy”. In conclusion, “the Roland DGSHAPE group is present in 134 countries around the world, but it is in Italy, in Acquaviva Picena (AP) that the business project was born and developed. The same one that today places us among the leading players in the dental digitization market.

Roland’s story is a wonderful one, for we continue on the path established in 1971 which is just as future-oriented as it was then.


At the pinnacle of the dental industry

“Several years of experience in the world of numerical controlled machines, the precision and reliability of our made-in-Japan brand and our advanced manufacturing system have brought us to the top of the dental industry brands, – explains CEO and President of Roland DG Mid Europe Stefania Cimino

−. Moreover, our support is well known and appreciated by all our users, because we are present not only before purchase with our advice but also during use through our courses and especially afterward with dedicated support.   DGSHAPE technologies allow you to increase productivity through a series of advanced and automatic functions. All that remains is to discover the advantages by studying our offer in more detail“.

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