Loredana Ciarrocchi

Loredana Ciarrocchi

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Web Marketing Specialist

Hi, I’m Loredana

I live in Italy and I started working at Roland two and a half years ago. I remember my job interview with Valeria Centorame really clearly. After talking about my skills and previous experience we talked about my personal life and I remember her saying to me: “Enough is enough, come and work with us, your smile is a magnet and that is precious!” I have participated in many tradeshows since then and this has given me the opportunity to get to know customers and partners and listen to their real thoughts and needs.

I take care of the marketing side of our website, tradeshows, and CRM for DGSHAPE.  When I think that our tools help our customers work better and our applications are excellent for patients’ health, I feel very proud.

A funny anecdote: During the last trade show in Turkey, I lost my glasses which I loved very much. Two months later, I found out that my Turkish colleague had put them in his “sample cases” in his office in Istanbul, next to the LD-80 machine. In the meantime, I had, of course, bought new glasses. I laughed for a week.

He said to me, “Oh Lory, Wasn’t that a sample?” And I said, “No! It really wasn’t!”  Anyway… now I have two identical pairs of glasses : )


My Mail: lciarrocchi@rolanddg.com




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