Gert Cuypers

Gert Cuypers

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Hi, my name is Gert,

I started working for Roland DG on the 1st April (no joke) in 1996 as an In-house service engineer (all Roland DG machines) and spare part distribution,

Later, I changed roles to become a sales representative for 2D/3D and finally a 3D Consultant. I’ve always been excited by 3D technology. This technology is still growing rapidly with lots of new challenges and potential applications.

A funny anecdote about me: One of my first trade fairs was CeBit in Hannover Germany, the biggest show ever! (CeBit = 500,000 visitors, 400,000m² <> IDS= 160,000 visitors and 170,000m²) As a newcomer to the tradeshow team, my colleagues challenged me to trade promotional gifts with visitors, like they were doing, and see who ended up with the most valuable exchange. It certainly helped make the 8 days of the fair unforgettable.

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