Dwight Blair

Dwight Blair

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Global Product Manager

Knowing our Global Product Manager, Dwight a little bit more.

When did you start working for Roland DG?

My career with Roland DG Americas started back in early 2016, after a well-rounded dental lab experience with Glidewell Laboratories in California, USA.

What roles did you play?

During my early years with Roland DG Americas, I worked specifically within product management, completing marketing, sales, and business development activities specific to the dental industry. This eventually expanded into a larger role with DGSHAPE Corporation, offering global responsibilities for dental, medical, and 3D market growth.

Why do you like working in DGSHAPE?

From a role and responsibility perspective, I am grateful for the opportunity DGSHAPE offers me to work within my passions. I enjoy training others, learning how to use new technology, and contributing to the success of the company within my creative abilities. I also experience working with a great, outgoing, knowledgeable, and fun-filled global team. My colleagues keep me on my toes with laughter, team-like camaraderie, and new adventures, and they are “iron that sharpens iron” during this time in my career.

Within the industry, we have a resilient user-base that is very active at shows, in social networking circles, and very positive about the impact our products have on their dental businesses. Buyers seeking to adopt our technologies make for good conversation at trade shows and open houses. And it is great catching up with partners at industry events as I enjoy communicating with people from all walks of life.

In conclusion, I get hyped when I can use new products and technology offered through our company. Nothing compares to attending events in the color printing industry, walking the NAMM show, or helping users at events hosted by Adobe. DGSHAPE makes products kids dream about and provides solutions business owners come to trust.

Write a funny anecdote about yourself. Something that made you smile

The chili cookoff… When there are only two contestants left. Tears fall down the cheeks. Faces have turned red. Losers have vacated to dispose of the spice in their bellies. Water doesn’t quench the fire on the tongue. Spectators are caught in laughter. And the hottest, spiciest chili is the last pot between winning and losing but there are no chips left to dip. All for the sake of being call the “spicy hot meat winner” and getting that American Express gift card.


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