David Bañuelos Bons

David Bañuelos Bons

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Head of Service

Hi, my name is David

I live in Spain.

I started working for DGSHAPE in Jan 2018 as a Business Development Manager, DIB Spain (until the end of last year) and Head of Service, EMEA (since January 2021).

I love being part of the DGSHAPE crew because of the great working environment that exists in both the Roland DG and DGSHAPE teams.

One funny anecdote about me: In the middle of 2020, we moved office in Barcelona, Spain. There were only a few people working physically in the office at the time because of the pandemic. On the first day I had some work to finish, so I stayed at my desk until 7 pm. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the office officially closed at 6.30 pm. And when I tried to go home, I found that I was locked in! In the end I had to wait for the security guard who finally came to my rescue, unlocked the front door and let me out.

Mail: dbanuelos@rolanddg.com

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