Costantino Antonacci

Costantino Antonacci

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Product & Technical Specialist

Hi to all

I’m Costantino and I live in Italy.

I started working for Roland eight years ago as an external technician and it wasn’t until last September that I started working directly inside the DGSHAPE facility. I mainly deal with the hardware part of DGSHAPE products and give remote technical support to our dealers and customers.

I like working in DGSHAPE for various reasons: First of all, because I have a wonderful, young, and dynamic team, then because I love and find every day more and more stimulating to work in this sector and in this company.

Last but not least, this company really relies on continuous support and this makes me happy, I know that my work is held in high regard.

DGSHAPE provides me with continuous opportunities to challenge and improve myself and in turn, I help improve the Company.




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