Alessio Marrocco

Alessio Marrocco

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Product & technical support DACH & Benelux

Hi everyone, I’m Alessio!

I live and work in Germany. I started working at DGSHAPE in February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic.

What can I say? I was a bit scared, especially as I had just joined this fantastic multinational company that was really well known. Previously I had worked at a company specialising in the production of dental materials but everyone knew this was the best.

I must say, though, everyone was really friendly and made me feel at home straightaway.

My experience since then has been that this is a company that always has a positive reaction even to difficult situations like the pandemic.

I saw the whole team committed to finding solutions and remaining in touch with the market and close to customers (I myself was involved in webinars and articles). This made me realise not only that I had joined a wonderful family, it also gave me confidence in the company’s solidity. People who find new solutions in unpredictable situations.

Some personal details: I love Italy and I like eating pasta : ) I love playing around with video editing too.



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