Bridge with 4 elements: sintering metal

This is a wonderful story and case study that makes us happy and proud.
In this case “the patient” was one of us, our Operations Manager EMEA at Roland DG.

Camille, like all of us and many of our patients, knows the value and accuracy of digital dental treatment and production.

1ª step:

Dr. Hector Jaen Gonzalez, from Clinica Dental Miranda and a DGSHAPE user.

The dentist makes the assessment of the case and what type of material is recommended to be used: zirconium or metal. He assesses the treatment to be followed and advises us to use pre-sintered Co-Cr

Metal is chosen over zirconium in this case, as it is a four-unit anterior bridge on two implants in bruxist patients


First Visit


2º step

An intraoral scanner is used to take a digital impression with the corresponding scan- body so that the prosthetics laboratory can design the restoration for the patient.


3º step:

The laboratory receives the scan files from the clinic and designs the restoration using exocad CAD software. This design is validated by the dentist, Hector Jaen, and the OK is given to the lab to mill the restoration.

The CAM software, Sum3D, is used to create the toolpath on a 98mm pre-sintered Co-Cr disc

The 5-axis DWX-52DCi milling machine is used to mill the restoration in the soft pre-sintered material.

The material is sintered in an argon furnace



4º step

Camille visits the clinic and undergoes a metal test, which shows that the fit is absolutely correct.

The shooting of the adjacent teeth (both 13 and 22) is taken to determine a natural match for the client’s teeth. This is done with the Vita Easyshade spectrophotometer

5º step

Camille returns to the clinic where the bridge is fitted. In this case, a small contact point was missing on 23, and 22 was dark so that the shade could be improved.

The bridge was returned to the laboratory to make those minor adjustments.

The next day the bridge was returned to the clinic, the work was tested, and the retouches had created a perfect result.

This whole beautiful story proves:
The digital process knows no bounds, the clinician and dental technician worked remotely

The workflow was completely digital, from impression-taking to modeling and production.


Patients are happy to receive their treatment and finished aesthetic restorations in such a short time!


Thanks to Camille to have allowed us to document the entire process
Thanks to Dencadigi for their CAD work and to the La Miranda clinic.


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