ALL IN ONE GUIDE: Patient with passive eruption

Hi everyone,

My name is Francesco Napolitano, a Dental Technician, and DGSHAPE customer for some time now. I am excited to share this fantastic project and I would like to thank DGSHAPE for this great opportunity.

I am convinced that sharing knowledge, continually updating and working as a team leads to exceptional results. Digital technology is helping us achieve this, but it is always the people, intuition and continuous training that makes the difference. When searching for solutions, the Surgery/Laboratory collaboration is a winning combination!




napolitano case


I believe that for a surgery, providing a patient with fast solutions to problems that often create anxiety, is a great result! And, the fact that we laboratories can help our referral surgeries is equally significant. This encourages us, together with our passion, to always do our best. Digital knowledge also helps us come up with new concepts and processes.

Patient with passive eruption

Let’s start with a case, or rather, the need of the young patient: she would like to improve her appearance, as she has a passive eruption in the front section, while simultaneously adding missing elements. Together with the clinician, Dr. Eugenio Longo, we have come up with an All in One solution and lastly, designed a surgical template with multiple functions, such as:

napolitano processo


The correction of a gummy smile, guided by the template, both for gingivectomy and for bone resection, again led by a calibrated template designed on the STL file from the intraoral scan, and taking the DICOM files from the cone-beam as reference.

All this is done exclusively with Exocad and without the use of other software or tools, to provide the clinician with a fully calibrated template and also with incision windows for the template

napolitano caso




The dynamically guided insertion of the implants, and a calibrated window for Grafting in the rear zone.

So, after the design stage, we moved on to the 3D print

In order to achieve this result.



Here are some of the clinical process stages



Clinical process




Step 1


Step 2

generzione ossea

Bone regeneration stages


Recovery period


Real case

Perfect surgery thanks also to the skilled Clinician

At the end, the clinician is satisfied, the patient is happy and a new process for an “All in One TEMPLATE” has been created, thanks to the use of digital technology and which I am happy to share with you here.

Lastly, a few personal considerations: if we can manage not to be possessive of our work but rather share it, what we get back from this is much more satisfying.

This is what being a part of DGSHAPE Crew means to me, growing and growing all together!

Francesco Napolitano: Your Smile Lab

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