Dr Lee Soon Boon

Dr Lee Soon Boon

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Dr Lee Dental Specialist Clinic

Hello. My name is Lee Soon Boon, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I am one of the users, “experienced user” in the CAD/CAM industry and I wish to invite you to our CAD/CAM conference by DGSHAPE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon.

In my clinical practice, I do a lot of dental implant restorations, and we preferably use zirconia, the material we choose for our implant prosthesis.

And we also have our own digital CAD/CAM lab to produce and fabricate our implant prostheses.

The reason why I chose the DGSHAPE CAM machine, which I own the model DWX-52D is that it allows me to do a lot of complex designs to fabricate and manufacture complex designs, for example, implant bridges.

And one of the reasons I learn and also appreciates this machine is its ability for me to use either the round clamp or the C clamp.

So C clamp allows me to the movement of the machines and allows more complex and intricate designs, milling out the designs that we already designed for the implant prosthesis.

So we recommend it to our friends or colleagues in the dental industry: Definitely, DGSHAPE will become one of the important brands for them to consider because of a few factors:

Number one DGSHAPE helps us with the supporting team which provides very good support: technical support bringing up the learning curve to use the milling machine in a very effective way.

And secondly, it’s a very user-friendly machine, at a very affordable price, easy to maintain, and you can do a lot of
fantastic, amazing designs that you make after the CAD software.

Then you can be able to mill out exactly what you want, from the design


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