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Dr. Florin Cofar: Why I like DGSHAPE

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Dr.Florin Cofar

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Hello, my name is Florin Cofar,  I’m a dentist. Obviously, I’m also involved in education, and my main focus has been digital dentistry for the last ten years.

The reason why I like DGSHAPE:

My main reason is reliability. We’ve been using quite a few systems: DGSHAPE  It’s probably one of the most reliable systems in the market: It’s simple.

I also like the fact that it is user-friendly and  I guess it also meets my philosophy of what I want from a machine: For example, I don’t like hybrids,  I like machines that are specialized like the DWX Series. I don’t like big machines,  I like smaller machines, and I like to be able to scale according to production.

So yeah, it’s a good fit for our philosophy of what we want from the milling system.

Digital dentistry?

At the core of it is planning; that’s clear. But then, after the planning, you should be able to, You know, to get that planning into a physical result. And this is where milling comes in, and this is where this is why, for example, we use a lot of monolithic restorations because I want to be able to get my planning as close to 1 to 1 to a physical result.

I think we are in a pretty good moment in terms of material selection, I also think that, obviously, technology only goes one way, which is a good thing that is only evolving.

So I expect that the range of materials will increase, I expect that technology will become more user-friendly and I expect pretty much all things just to improve. Now, as I said, many things are already in good shape. So in some areas, we can expect granular improvements, small because it’s already in a very good state. And in other areas, we might expect, you know, much more significant ones.

I have the DWX-42W and DWX-52D, the wet and the dry ones; for me, it’s always, We always choose things that we like, even though we are in education and even though we go into commercial partnerships.

It’s always the choice of the product first, and you can always build from that. We never did things the other way around, so just make a commercial partnership and then try to push narratives out of it.

It just doesn’t work, and it’s not congruent, so, with DGSHAPE was exactly like this: We like the machine, and then we developed a relationship which went eventually into education and just, You know, I’m happy to support and be supported by the Company.

But at the core of it, I love the PRODUCT DWX.

So my best regards to Valeria and the DGSHAPE Crew.



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